"A wonderful idea to know these species, just love it and also a great experience for the kids. Thankyou" Fernandez


"Having a major fear of spiders and wanting to overcome it. Warren helped me with this and i managed to hold a tarantula with his help. He was very patient and went on my lead so a big thankyou. Anyone wanting to help your fear see these guys. Thankyou " Caroline


"Would like to say my wife and son Riley had a fantastic experience holding the snakes, spiders, bearded dragons etc..Thankyou very much" Steve.


"Never thought id see my mom holding a snake, thankyou" Joe age 7


"Really really enjoyed today, such a great experience. Warren and Sheree were great with helping my daughter and i get used to the animals" Samina


"Isnt nature wonderful, great show" Fran


"Absolutely brilliant! A font of knowledge and information. The kids and adults all loved it" The Vaughans


"I touched a tarantula after being petrified of spiders for 49 years! Thankyou so much" Eileen