Warren Davis


I had a keen interest in bugs and dinosaurs when I was very young and was one of those children who had all sorts of things in jars hidden away. As I got slightly older I realised the dinosaurs had gone so I moved onto reptiles and amphibians!

  I was lucky where I lived as it was surrounded by countryside and streams so spent all my time exploring the natural world. Throughout my teens I began to study natural history in depth and started giving talks at various wildlife clubs, scout groups etc.

  Upon leaving school I set up and ran the Reptile and Wildlife Rescue for 12 years. This involved offering advice & care of exotic animals in captivity and taking in any through ill health, aggression or size. I also dealt with injured & orphaned native wildlife and set various conservation projects up at schools and other similar locations.

  I have written numerous articles for magazines and various media work on tv & radio for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

  I now run Wildside Encounters with support from my girlfriend Sheree. She was thrown in at the deep end a few years ago but has grown to love them! We breed a wide range of invertebrates as well as providing education & enrichment for all ages

  I genuinely feel as though children and adults alike are losing or have lost their connection to the world around them. My aim is to help restore that love of nature whether it is insects or mammals, trees or plants - get out there and explore!